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Token Exchanged

03 February 2020
New updated!

We have change the concept of vote point usage.You can now spending Vote Point "VP" to buy Supporter Gift Token from RafRanWoW webStore.
Supporter Gift Token can be exchange for various great item ingame, which sold by our Agent Vendor NPC nearby all city portal.

Before you can use this service, make sure you UPDATE the latest PATCH, release date 3 FEB 2020.Download the latest PATCH file and replace in WoW/Data folder if you already download it before.But if this your first time here, you can follow the installation PATCH guide in Connect page.

Thanks for your reading, Enjoy!
Welcome to RafRanWoW

21 January 2020
Feel free to play in our newborn server.If you find any bugs, please report it by opening a ticket.We will respond as soon as posible, unless if our GM in thier current task, Please give us some time to handle it.Have fun..

Thank you.
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welcome to rafranwow
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